Video SEO & The Impact It Has On Google In 2015

In 2015, SEO has changed…

For The Good!

For those of you that don’t know, SEA consists of building links (better known as votes) on the web so that Google can weed out the good sites from the bad and rank them in order on their search engine.

Google is in the business of good search results.

People have figured out how to GAME Google so that they can be the benefactor of Google’s search engine by ranking their own websites and business at the top of the results without being the best result.

So what your saying is that people have been cheating Google and making money through doing it.


So, in 2015, as Google own the search engine YouTube, SEO has become a large part of marketing online.

A massive part.

Why would Google do this?

Answers are obvious…

  • It’s hard to cheat with video
  • Google can track the number of views, shares and minutes people are spending on the site
  • Google owns YouTube
  • It makes sites more interesting and engaging
  • Google makes money on the ads
  • To make videos take time, money and commitment. (weeds the cheaters out)

So… the answer is obvious.

You want free organic traffic from Google, you gotta pay in awesome content.

And that costs money.

Here is an example of a video that was created for the real estate industry. This is a classic example of a video used to not only sell a property, but to do well on Google.

Video also has many many benefits that an ordinary article does not.

Video engages all the scenes.. that means that it connects with more people.

So in 2015 what are you doing with video to help rank your business??

You better go and buy a GoPro and start making some footage or risk being left behind.

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6 Of The Best Ways To Impress On Your Wedding Day With Out Breaking The Bank

Your big day is coming up… Your spending more time freaking out than getting prepared for the big event. This article is about things you can do on the day to impress without breaking the bank.

Catering for weddings can be a pain in the bottom. It is normally quiet expensive and your guests don’t take the brunt of the cost involved in getting it done. They simply turn up, eat the food and go home.

This guide is a helpful resource for you to move from the freaked out bride, to a relaxed pro that know’s what they are doing.

Step 1: Find out what the people want… Sometimes it is as simple as asking?? What do you like to eat? Send out a survey if you have to with software like

Step 2: Look up local resources with a bunch of trusted caterers on them. i.e type into google search strings like… “Caterers Wellington“, these types of site show you who is reputable and who is not.

Step 3: Set a budget and stick to it… Most caterers will prepare the food to your budget. There is big money in weddings so the caterers bump the prices up and the word ‘Wedding’ is being used.


Perhaps get a quote for a group and don’t include the word wedding. ha

Step 4: Buy tons of booze (alcohol) yourself and run ice baths around the venue. This way guests won;t go without, you save a bucket of cash and everyone is happy. (except the venue, who misses out on all that cash.)

Step 5: If all else fails, put on a spit roast. Everyone loves a spit roast. Why not zip down the local farm, grab a few pigs and go to town. Providing that we are not infringing on religious values. 😉

Step 6: Chocolate!!! Who isn’t addicted to the stuff. Finish off with some chocolate of some type and everything should be sweet.

All things going good… you hopefully have a good day, save some bucks and impress the mother and father in law.

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Nev Rodda is an Author and Contributor from Search Engine Authority.

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